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  • Who is my neighbour?
  • Prayer
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         Servant of Christ Ministries has been established to edify the church.  Our goals is to bring back biblical conduct and teachings.  To become a member of Servant of Christ Ministries and assist us in edifying the church of Christ Jesus, click the "Learn More" button below. God is Calling.

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    Biblical Studies

    Servant of Christ Ministries seeks to address questions with a unique overview approach of the Old and New Testaments. The student is immersed in the Bible and thereby establishes a biblical knowledge base. In the process of the study, the student lifts from the pages of Scripture the story of God moving through history and showing us the plan of salvation

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    Topical Studies

       Our Topical Studies shatters the deceptions of the Prosperity & Social Gospel teachings with clear and understandable biblical based  studies using systematic theology as a discipline.

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    Our Mission

    Jesus has commanded every follower in Matthew 28:19-20, to reach out to all people, every where and make them His disciples: baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to teach them to obey all His Teachings and Deeds.

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Worship Service ?

WORSHIP should be a time of expression of reverence and adoration for our Lord, Christ Jesus.  It is the time in our meeting as a congregation that each believer abandons themselves to the will of Christ Jesus.  Has the modern corporate Church forsaken the principles of Christ to become more papules?


Prosperity & Social Gospels

The Message of false prophets and or teachers is usually spurred by self-interest and a desire for popularity.  They advocate different teachings and deeds then Christ Jesus and promote oneself rather than Christ Jesus.  The church has been plagued in recent years with an increase in these “pseudo-prophets”.    Our Biblical and Topical Studies will assist you in looking beyond their deception and fixing your heart on Christ.

Here is an example of a false teacher selling "holy socks."  I have listed the youtube link below.
Holy Socks, "In Portuguese"

 Confused, Bewildered

by sermons and or teachings of your church.  Our Topical Studies using systematic theology as a discipline will give you a clear unique overview approach of the Old and New Testaments.


Because of the Love of Christ

We Love, We Care, We Give.

With Prayer and Supplication, humble yourself to Christ Jesus.  Allow your Spirit to diminish so that the Holy Spirit will increase in your life.

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